Read + Retain in a distracted world

Void exists somewhere between Getting Things Done™ (GTD), bookmarks and read later helping you decide upon and focus on the important stuff

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Save fast, triage later. Focus on the important stuff, ditch the fluff

The fastest bookmarking tool in the business lets you capture quickly and decide later.

With Void’s inbox view, you can decide on what’s important to you and get rid of the distractions helping you focus on what matters.


Import bookmarks from your browser, from other services or via iOS, Android or the browser extension


Sort, tag and organise your bookmarks as meticulously as you like, we’ll take care of the rest

Read + Retain

Recieve a thoughtfully curated reading list regularly so you never lose an interesting article

Full-text search enables you to look deeper beyond titles and tags

Safely store and quickly tag anything, we’ll make it searchable and ensure you can find it easily in the future. Under the hood, we use clever machine learning to gather useful information from every link you send us

Coming soon Personal digests to catch up on things you want to come back to

Want an inspiration hit on Monday morning? Or some light Sunday reading? Let Void create digests for you featuring things you’ve been meaning to come back to.

Customise your catch up days and decide how much you want to read during downtime/your commute/your bathroom break - any situation!

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